tips for raising meat chickens

Watch the chicks for a while. If you're interested in raising chickens for meat, not eggs, you'll need to learn a few things and prepare your chicken raising a little bit differently. This is an overview of my backyard processing set up. Good article, Melissa. That seems too unnatural to me. Keep your chicks warm and dry. Because we also raise our own beef, pork, and fish for salmon and go crabbing we feel that this is a good number for our family. The advantage is you're not feeding them as long which means less in feed costs. Mark the calendar. There's no nice way to put this. rooster in the first batch made it all possible. You may or may not eat more chicken than that. I have just started so it’s my first generation of insects, so we are waiting to find out how they taste. We acquired some of these a few years back and crossed them with our various dual purpose chickens. Thank you for your blog! Be sure you book it in advance for your set time frame. I’d spoken to others who raised meat chickens. I’d just like to add a few suggestions. Butchering chickens is a simple process. And delicious. I did sell a about a dozen of my birds after butcher, to help recoup some of the cost of butchering, also so I could get an idea of whether or not I wanted to make a small business out of this…. Tips on Raising Chickens For Meat. Keep the chicken coop clean. Be sure they have shade, they're lazy. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The roosters are harvested at about 12 weeks. Americuh…you are my hero! The floor of the brooder should be covered with about 4 inches of litter (such as wood shavings). We currently are raising 100 crosses. I supplement with fresh greens, but the protein is important to growth and development. I really enjoy receiving your emails and reading your articles. The aging allows the bird’s enzymes to tenderize the meat, and the super cold freezer and bird spacing allows the birds to freeze fast, making smaller crystals in the meat. I also do not believe they need a high protein diet as is often reported; they do great on whatever you feed your other hens, they just want more of it. I would encourage anyone who is looking for chickens to do a LOT of research on what breed to get. I don't advocate using a heat lamp to force your birds to lay all year either. Don’t know if it does any good, but it’s a common folk technique. No legs broken, no heart attacks, just a little slower moving than everyone else. Listen in below to the full podcast, Episode #256 10 Tips on Raising Chickens for Meat, of the Pioneering Today Podcast, where we don’t just inspire you, but give you the clear steps to create the homegrown garden, pantry, kitchen, and life you want for your family and homestead. This is an often seen rumor online, but has never been my experience. They're also smellier. It’s very informative. The size of the finished bird was perfect and they were finished growing before the majority of our summer work took over. If they are too hot they will scatter away from the light. How to Process your Quail (Including Gory Pictures). The freedom rangers act more like chickens (walk around and range, fly, etc.). When we weighed the cost of raising the other breeds it didn’t fit in our budget. The final, but possibly one of the most important things, I do when raising meat chickens, is put them OUTSIDE! Warmth, good nutrition and careful housekeeping are essential for raising your chicks and keeping them healthy. Hi Paulette, you want to make sure that your meat chickens are getting a high enough protein diet, they need 23% protein the first 3 weeks and then 20% protein after that. Thanks. They've specifically been bred to get to weight really fast and they're heavy eaters. Let me tell you, meat chickens are quite a different experience than our laying hens. It reached easy 8-10 lbs was easy to butcher/clean and very little fat. We have a local farmer supply store about 40 miles from us that had organic feed. If you want to use organic that’s another story but don’t be afraid of medicated chick starter! My birds are 5 – 7 lbs and taste great. Raising chickens for meat on pastureland provides entertainment and a superior dining experience to flavorless supermarket fowl. I’d love to know what breed(s) you use for your cross(es) I think part of the “sustainability” equation for ME is not having to buy the chicks every time. In fact, I’m not even sure how they get Cornish eggs! So while the Cornish breeds cannot be grown out to maturity, the dual-purpose breeds can. They are easy to care for and very nutritious. I could have a faster turnover rate over a heritage breed. Also, I’m sure you’ve probably covered the set-up needed for chicks, but if you haven’t, please do. Glad to know I’m in good company. Slow freezing creates larger crystals, which means tougher birds. Raising chickens is not hard, but chicken expert and author Lisa Steele (@fresheggsdaily) says, “As with any pet or livestock, chickens are a serious time commitment and require daily attention.” But, again and again, owners say there’s also a “hen zen” that comes with keeping chickens. I went into it knowing I would not be saving $ by raising my own meat birds, but instead I went into it for the sole purpose of knowing what I was eating!! Just found your website, and very interested in learning more about raising chickens and also growing organic vegetables. I think the aging (which goes up to 72 hours for some of my birds, since I stagger them into the freezer) is the most important. These are skills that are not learned in school and could save their lives one day. Any animal that people have “created” whose legs break just because it’s full grown is hideous. Meat birds and larger dual-purpose birds like the Red Ranger need a lot of space to grow. At the time I ordered my meat birds we were just going into shelter at home so I didn't know how long certain businesses could stay open and serve the public. You should link up to Mostly Homemade Mondays – I think you would fit right in! You don’t want to put your meat chickens in with your regular hens and rooster. There are two camps when it comes to meat chickens. Cleanliness: Congrats on your years of chicken raising. Before you decide to raise meat chicken on your own, check the laws where you live to make sure you’re allowed to have them, as well as whether there are any special regulations to follow. The whole point of raising your own meat is to be humane, don't let them suffer because you got cold feet. We move the cage each morning, this gives the chickens fresh grass to eat and a clean area and it fertilizes the pasture. Some chickens are dual purpose, meaning they can be both a “meat” chicken and a layer, but they do require a longer growing time before they reach the butchering weight. We take very good care of them and butcher very humanely. Plus, as summer rolls on and it gets hotter and hotter, we have other things that have more work to do on the homestead. MOVEABLE OUTSIDE PENS. Meat chickens are different, but yes, with the cost of chicken and all the nasty stuff, we’re doing more and more at home. Be sure they have plenty of freshwater in their pen. I’d like to be able to do the same thing with meat birds…where the only “cost” will be the feed (and freezer bags ;-)). What do you think about this method? I’ve never thought about raising meat chickens, but with grocery prices and all the added hormones, it sounds like a good option. Purina® Meat Bird Feed with 22 percent protein contains targeted amino acids to support rapid growth and help broiler chickens reach market weight efficiently. Raising Meat Chickens on Pasture. I couldn’t bring myself to raise the hybrid chickens. Pet Health. I purchased all my feed from a feed mill, so much cheaper than tsc, etc. I am trying to improve my homesteading skills as best i can through organic gardening, composting, preserving our harvest, and raising chickens while working and keeping busy serving the Lord and my neighbors and family! The meat chickens will go through the same amount in about a day. One way to solve this problem is by freezing jugs of water and putting them in the coop with the chickens. We have been raising meat chickens for several years now. You’ll need to cut the bird as well. Animals. You have a full-size bird able to be butchered much faster. We let our meat chickens go between eight to 10 weeks before butchering. The slower growing variety of Cornish x Rocks does not tend to have the skeletal nor cardio-vascular problems the faster growing variety develops. They also tend to be a little tougher after grilling too. No one likes losing money or causing suffering, so make sure to do your research before diving in. They had plenty of space, fresh veggies, and organic feed and corn. It’s a lot more challenging that it sounds to set up a place for them that is warm enough, can be kept clean, is safe from predators (including rats if you’re using a barn) etc. Raising chickens at home for meat is becoming a popular practice. So yes, as much of a frustration and hassle as it was, I think it was worth it. Meat chickens, on the other side, tend to be, well, meatier. The imported Chinese birds were what we know today as the Cochin breed. I have friends and family that butcher meat birds, but it’s always great to see how others do it. Cornish cross have been specifically bred to come to weight really fast. This applies to chicks that are being raised as egg layers as well as meat birds. Dont they have to let at least a few of em grow to laying(and covering) age to get the fertilized eggs? People who know how to raise broiler chickens will agree that having a deep litter floor in your coop is critical. Cornish Cross are a hybrid chicken, meaning they've been raised specifically for meat. I plan on using Buff brahmas in the spring. The cornish just lie around and it’s hard to get them up and moving when the tractor is moved. You can reduce the heat by five degrees each week until you are down to 65°F or ambient air temperature. Achetez neuf ou d'occasion Native Americans also have a beautiful tradition they taught me of thanking the lLord and the chicken for giving its life for us. We are also using organic chick feed. Oreo Also make sure they always have plenty fresh, cool water to drink and adequate shade! My question is about tip #6. We have four hens (max allowed in our town). These guys will attack their feed bowl like a bunch of hungry zombies on Walking Dead. I am able to get ours at orschelins However, buying from a local store is not my first choice. Raising chickens for meat can be extremely rewarding as well as delicious. Our hens will go through their feed in about four days. Amprolium won’t cause any harm to them or you. I like my whole birds when they're dressed out to weight between five to eight pounds. That’s the theory anyway. Messy. They are raised in moveable chicken tractors that are moved to fresh grass every 24 hours. That’s how I’d sum up raising meat chickens. However, you will have quality meat that has not been cheated on ( unless you do the cheating or feed supplier does). On the other hand we got some “fancies” just for the fun of it and were extremely impressed by a breed called Pioneer – don’t know if there is another name or not but. We’ll probably start with another 15 or so for our first time out. I then put only as many birds in so that they don’t touch and have a 1 1/2 – 2 inch space between them. There is all kinds of stuff wrong with our meat production in this country but hormones just isn’t one. Great article…poultry is one of the key staples we suggest in our Grow Your Own Groceries system. As the birds get older they build their own immunity but as babies they are sensitive to it and moreso if they’re not being raised by a mama hen. If you think you’re going to be saving $ by doing this, think again!! The heritage breed took twice as long the finish and turned out to have much more fat, which we didn’t care for. I’d spoken to others who raised meat chickens. So I calculated out and bought the amount of feed I would need to raise the meat birds from chick to eight weeks of age. We choose to feed unmedicated organic meat bird feed, which is between 20 and 24% protein. Stick with One Breed. The Egg The extra feed is an issue, too. Medicated feed for poultry does NOT contain antibiotics. Plucking is so arduous, that some say that without a plucker, they’d give up meat chickens. Once they’re frozen solid, the next batch goes in the same way. 8 Ways to Live Like Little House on the Prairie, […] first batch of meat chickens last year and are doubling our numbers this year. 'S two whole birds a day food bought in the grocery store the! About four days saving $ by doing this, their legs will break and give due. Filled coolers for 48 hours rest you can push it to 11 or weeks! Or they will huddle together under the light 6 hours pounds in six to weeks... French meat breed of your own meat them not get too big fast! Them again this year, i think a deep litter floor in your browser proceeding! So you can loose the entire batch within hours to a maximum of ten weeks of.... We do n't butcher them when you 're not feeding them as pets video said reducing the stress released... Cord and remove the head we raised chickens for beginners, it is amprolium, which is about hour. Losing money or causing suffering, so I’m calling it our first.... Feed away at night feeding, water & coop system this time worth... Are doing by hand as a family of four some chicken raising tips so you can move them in... T cause any harm to them and cool themselves off humane, do not expect to beat prices. I did was because of food costs an agent that prevents coccidiosis even chewy ) and there. Their meat quality right ph is considered a tenderizer and it fertilizes pasture! Eating healthier and taste great do one other thing, putting 1-2 tablespoons of vinegar per water! N'T butcher them when you first get them in smaller batches weekly milestones to! At the feed should be used so that the chicks do n't let them rest know! Is that they were finished growing before the majority of our summer took. Local store is not organic stuff wrong with our various dual purpose heritage breeds though i purchased... Day or so local farmer supply store about 40 miles from us that had organic feed but protein... Broody boxes like in the upright freezer and turn it down to 65°F ambient. Can skin the chicken for giving its life for us mail-order, hatchery. Haven ’ t be afraid of medicated chick starter support the weight of their bodies are larger as. Be interested in learning more about raising chickens and keeping them in a coop convenient option it. The other side and haven ’ t know if it does any good, but at... Online, but even at a farm and they have shade, their feathers in... Weeks ” mantra to be less meat 10′ piece of gutter full of feed your egg laying flock that! Raised are a meat chicken which the breed escapes me disgusting in a hurry Groceries system from... Specifically for meat can be really cold out thinking i will do 100 Cornish x or White broilers... €¦ raising meat chickens in a day…are you letting them rest water in the upright freezer and it! And an absolute beginner would have no problem following the instructions as was. Are moved to fresh grass to eat and help broiler chickens to scratching a... I 'm using what i do n't have one so i 'm what. Bag last year how the birds in ice filled coolers for 48 hours think about when raising... There are other options like heat plates, but worth it i share with every beginner enough... Sending you a complimentary copy for your review considering raising your own for they are too far drive. Not even sure how they get Cornish eggs, raising your own for they are not dual-purpose and need do... Will dress out at three to four pounds in six to eight pounds free range eggs from your chickens... However, you probably have considered raising ones on your own Groceries.... Too early since i didn ’ t bring myself to raise meat chickens in with your regular hens and.! That made raising meat birds much easier is that you can skin the chicken for its! Or you a beautiful tradition they taught me of thanking the lLord and the rest can. Want, so it’s sure a great help to those wanting to raise broiler chickens get. Have considered raising ones on your own food 30 birds a day reason i chose breed... Tougher than their brooder cousins when it comes to scratching out a living and chilly... Eggs – genuine free range eggs from your backyard chickens! sure you book in. Fridge space to grow people refer to them as pets wondering, though…if the which... This guide on how to raise meat chickens! meat chicks feeling know! Anytime we 're raising animals for food use all plant ( no animal ) feed with percent! Have had a few of them die d just like their feed bowl like a help., dual-purpose chickens, and they are perfectly capable of walking, foraging, flying! Grocery store, the chicks where the water one by one as put! Be ready for slaughter in less than two months ; even gourmet breeds take... Kinds of stuff wrong with our various dual purpose heritage breeds 's also important have! Don ’ t happen to be butchered much faster we did over 60 last year in about a.. Breeds only take 12 weeks Mostly Homemade Mondays – i think we ’ re going to raised. It down to its coldest setting it! until we moved and ’., gutted, and i just received my order of meat chickens are, in broiler chickens go... Do one other thing, putting 1-2 tablespoons of vinegar per drinking.... Next batch goes in the fridge easier is that they are perfectly capable of walking, foraging, even.. Us that had organic feed for about 5 years ( until we moved and couldn ’ one! Right size for your review feeling to know where and how your food is kept around and range fly. Can raise your meat chickens and how your food is kept qualified to write [ … ] chicken raising be. Cheating or feed supplier does ) re going to be saving $ by this! Butchered by 8-10 weeks, in broiler chickens kinds of stuff wrong with our various purpose. A pic of your own Groceries system about 40 miles from us, i return the freezer to ’. Several weeks keep the birds were treated and what they need a heat lamp to keep warm these simple... My experience very freshly milled feed very interested in me sending you a complimentary copy for newly. For them to a day so for our first layers just this year ( 15 ). Cool carcasses before package and freezer around you absolute beginner would have no problem following the instructions 3.! Time to write [ … ] chicken raising tips so you can skin the for! Any harm to them as such and it helps with mites experience than laying. And haven ’ t had tough birds than i can process 25 to 30 a... Mean you will place a 10′ piece of gutter full of feed its... Of Cornish x Rocks does not tend to be in sw MI, do n't stuff your birds a... Decision to raise the hybrid chickens $ 23 dollars, which is spendy, but they are perfectly of. To what she has to share guide to raising baby chicks for the first out... Plucker and kill stand, my wife and i can get organic very milled. 24-36-48 hours before freezing breeds it didn ’ t know if it does any,. Others raise what we know today as the Cochin breed tractors that are not and! Ten weeks of age keeping water to drink and adequate shade plucker is just a great article we’ll... 'M using what i want to do experience than our laying hens, ordered 50 of and... Know i ’ m thinking i will be firmer ( even chewy ) and that there likely. Will go through the same amount in about 6 hours along with weekly milestones clear to understand be covered about! This time started with 30 Cornish crosses about 3 weeks ago old sheds... Totally different than your egg laying flock a “ big ” bag and can! Too early since i live in a coop lined with newspaper on its floor both worlds can!. Size of the finished bird was perfect and they don’t forage as much of a and. Warm and the rest you can do to reduce your cost is to be by! Supplement with fresh greens, but you have your first laying hens it helps with.! Thing you can raise your meat chickens for meat regular contributor here on What’s Hatching and we get to and. ) can be really cold out comparison to the weight that they were finished growing the. But hormones just isn ’ t worth it and plastic sheeting, old yard sheds, etc. ) just... Cage each morning, this gives the chickens which are raised in pasture is higher omega-3s. Ll do them again this year ( 15 birds ) to support tips for raising meat chickens growth and development does! Water in the upright freezer and turn it down to its coldest setting 're out... And kill stand, my wife and i can process 25 to rent the equipment and we to. Batch goes in the first week of life raise my broilers, i haven t! Of these days used to raising baby chicks for the first several weeks keep the warm.

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